Comission: Fallout Miami - Surf Board Designs

This is a for a group-made, Fallout 4 Nexus Mod called Fallout Miami, which is lead and created by Milan Brajkovic.

These are Decal Designs for the Surfboards that will hopefully litter the landscape.

The top are what I would call the "Hero' surfboards which are a reference to the world they inhabit.

Vault-Tec represents...well... Fallout.
Rebel Sun represents Florida's part in the Civil War.
Miami Blossom is a combination of the Miami City Flag with the State Flower as the Emblem.

Fan Art: Fallout Cascadia Axe

It looked awesome so I decided to make some art myself.

Personal Art: Diddley-D-D-R

Just something I was working on for a while which started when I was reminiscing about the early 2000s.

Fan Art: OneShot

A simple animated gif based on the interactive adventure title's Main Character...

...if you want to call her a "Main" Character is up to debate but that will spoil the experience.

Client: White Matter Games - Player Character Test Animation

For the game ALLEY-MENTAL.

Taking bits and pieces of previous designs, these renderings took the Mafioso Jacket, young devil-may-care attitude, and geometric Flash Animation Friendly style into the testing areas of creating usable sprite assets for an early build of the game.

Client: White Matter Games - Modular Environment Assets

Environment Assets for White Matter Games' ALLEY-MENTAL.

The goal was to have Cartoon Network Inspired background elements that we could use in other stages that would create that surreal, stylized, geometric scenery that would fit in one of those classic Tartakovsky, McCracken, Renzetti, Partible, or Hartman shows that 90s Kids/Millennials all know and love while being modular enough so that these assets can be placed in as many stages as possible.