Quick Bio 
     I grew up in East Los Angeles near the LA River around Atwater Village and Glendale.
     In my adult years, I obtained my Associates at Glendale Community College and attended the Art Institutes in Hollywood and earned my Bachelors focusing on a career in Media Arts and Animation.
  This Blog shows a small fraction of my Art and skills ranging from 3D Work made in Autodesk Maya, Flash Art and Animation, and Concept art.
            My artistic career is inspired by many greats such as Raphael and Da Vinci to more modern entries big and small such as Tom Bancroft, Tor Frik, the Brothers Chapps, Feng Zhu, Cory Loftis, and too many to name to nerd out on.

            In order to fulfill my plans for world domination, a few things I need to complete are on my list to said plans:
 *Publishing a personal Comic Book
 * Publishing a Cartoon
 *Improving my Strengths and Overcoming my Weaknesses as an Artist 
 *Master Traditional Drawing and 3D Animation
 *Create an Indie film or an Indie Game.
 If you were curios about me and actually read this, I applaud and thank you for being considerate enough and having too much free time on your hands.